Written translations in Croatian and English

Written translations in Croatian and English

stručni prijevodi

Translating documents into Croatian and English

Translating documents expands the scope of communication and transmit information for a certain public.

YSuch documents include the following:

Translation of business documents

Documents relating to tourism, business reports, financial reports, various contracts, business plans, various analyses, audit reports, investment plans, marketing plans, and so on.

Translation of technical documents

Technical manuals, technical reports, research, project designs, various types of permits, etc.

Translation of texts relating to the social sciences

Includes scientific papers, sociological research, media documents, newspaper articles, interviews, survey research, legal documents, court statements, various types of documents from the humanities, etc.

Translations relating to education

Since we offer very strong linguistic skills in English, we are able to carry out the translations of scientific works from Croatian to English, that is, papers and journals from the following specialised branches: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, construction, medicine, veterinary sciences, philosophy, law, finance, economics, ship-building, etc.

Translations of personal documents

For particular reasons, individuals will require a translation of a personal document from English to Croatian or from Croatian to English. Such documents are regularly: birth certificates, marriage certificates, school certificates, transcription of results, official records and so on.

Translations of audio and video recordings

We provide translations of various audio and video recordings.

Translations of websites

We translated to English web sites that cover all areas, from products and services to tourism, informative sites, etc.

In general, we translate: contracts, tourist texts, websites, catalogues, brochures, medical documentation, documents from various areas of financing and banking, economics, insurance, law, marketing and advertising, science and technology, education, gastronomy, building industry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.