Translation Process

Translation Process

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We are proud of the fact that each translation produced by our translation agency is of the highest quality.

Translating requires specialised knowledge from various fields and an excellent knowledge of the language.

That is why each translation is approached individually while taking into account a series of important factors relating to the original and target text.

Quality management includes:

  • Monitoring and overseeing preparations
  • Selecting an appropriate translator for the project
  • Selecting an appropriate proof-reader (linguistic redactor/expert)
  • Providing instructions to all those included in the project
  • Allowing and monitoring the exactness in the translation
  • Adhering to deadlines
  • Maintaining contact with all parties involved in the process, including the client
  • Certification of translations by a court interpreter, if necessary
  • Approval of delivery/roll-out of the translation


Ensuring quality refers to:

  • Translation consistency
  • Professional competency by the translator
  • Insight in translation issues and an understanding of the text
  • Linguistic competency of the original and target language
  • Familiarity with the cultural context
  • The technical ability and background of the translator
  • Permanent professional training for the translator.


During the translation process we adhere to the:

  • Target group: the intended use of the translation
  • Format: the form of the document
  • Grammar: includes syntax, spelling, punctuation
  • Lexicon and phrases
  • Local characteristics and regional norms
  • Terminology: compliance to the terminology for particular areas and the context required by the client
  • Style: compliance with proprietary and the client’s stylistics instructions