Native English speakers

Native English speakers

Prevoditelj za hrvatski i engleski

Native English Speakers and Translators

The Nitor Translation Agency was founded with the aim of providing the best possible translations from English to Croatian, and especially from Croatian to English.

We consider that a perfect familiarity of the original and target language, the rules, exceptions and standards is essential. In other words, an ability to translate into grammatically proper English is essential.

During the translation process we communicate with the client while maintaining a quality assurance system that verifies the correctness and completeness of the provided translation.

For each larger project we use a team of native speakers in order to ensure translation consistency and coherency.

In our team we have employees who were born, have lived and worked in English speaking countries. Our project manager, was born, educated and has worked in Australia.

This combination of English and Croatian allows us to provide the highest quality translations.

Each translation project is supervised by our project manager who is responsible for project implementation.

Once the translation is completed, our proof-readers check the translation as to whether it is appropriate for its intended use and then make the appropriate corrections.

If required, our court appointed interpreter for the English language will certify your documents.