Why nitor

Why nitor


Our team of translators include professional translators as well as translators who are native English speakers, which allows us to ensure consistency and coherency in translations.


Our proofreaders are university educated Croatian language teachers for the Croatian language, and university-educated. native English language speaking proofreaders with years of experience and a lot of projects behind them.

Certified Court Interpreter

We also have our certified English-Croatian court interpreter who declares the translation as being authentic, seals and signs it – if you require a certified translation.


We believe that it is essential to know the original and target language of a document, including the rules, exceptions and standards as well sa knowing the nuances of a language.


Our mission is to provide high-quality translation and proofreading services at affordable prices covering all fields.


Nitor’s vision is to become a company well known for the quality of its translations and proofreading on the domestic and foreign market. Our professional translators and proofreaders (copy editors) are our primary resource and way of achieving brand recognition.

Our specialisation

We are specialised in translating all types of documents into the Croatian and English languages. Our teams includes professional translators and proofreaders for the Croatian and English languages, where some of the translators are also native English speakers.


We provide services covering translations from Croatian into English and from English into Croatian, as well as the proofreading of texts in English and Croatian. We also hold English language and Croatian language courses.

Translations into English and Croatian

We translate the most complex documents for businesses and persons. If necessary, a certified court translator will certify the translations.

Proofreading in Croatian and English

Our proofreaders are available for proofreading texts in the Croatian and English languages.

English and Croatian language courses

We hold English language and Croatian language courses for those wanting to learn English or Croatian.