Oral translations in Croatian and English

Oral translations in Croatian and English

agencija za prevođenje | usmeno prevođenje

Simultaneous Translations

Global and multilingual conferences often require assistance by interpreters who are situated in isolated booths, equipped with earphones and microphones, able to receive particular audio content and authentically translate the given talk into the target language.

The simultaneous translator’s job requires a lot of concentration when awaiting content, carefully listening to the talk, analysing the content and then interpreting what he or she hears.

The simultaneous interpreter normally prepares in advance for the task at hand by researching the given conference topics.

Consecutive Translations

The consecutive interpreter translates the content of a given talk once the talk is given or during longer pauses.

The interpreter uses notes when interpreting the content of a presentation allowing for more authentic translations.

If the parties at hand do not have a grasp of the Croatian language, the presence of a court interpreter is essential in court and administrative procedures, when confronting a notary public, during various negotiations, and so on.

If consecutive interpreting is required in court and administrative proceedings, we shall provide a consecutive interpreter who is also a court appointed interpreter.

Whisper translating or Chuchotage

Such talks are simultaneously interpreted but almost unnoticeably by whispering.

This method of translating is most appropriate for official meetings by dignitaries (politicians), various other meetings, round table discussions and similar situations.