Importance of English

Importance of English

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Why is the English Language So Important?

Pleon, the largest European network of PR and communication management agencies, have conducted a series of researches in different European markets, which has shown that the English language is superior and is intensively present in daily business communication across the continent.

The survey conducted in eight countries reveals that business professionals in continental Europe use on a daily basis over 30 various English words and believe that a familiarity with the English language is a key to business success.

The English language is important for the future of the Republic of Croatia at this moment, in business, political and educational terms. However, English will continue to assume first place in general business and political communications. However, English will continue to assume first place.


Some interesting facts!

Did you know that the English language is a world language and that:

  • Due to opportunities and circumstances, the English language has become the main language in global communications
  • English is the main language of modern international communication
  • Over 700 million people speak English as a foreign language while over 400 million people use it as their mother tongue
  • The English language has the largest vocabulary (over 500,000 words in the Oxford English Dictionary, and over half-a-million technical and scientific expression that are still to be included
  • 75% of all direct communication via the internet occurs in English
  • Almost 40% of internet users speak English
  • Almost 50% of technical and scientific publications are in English


The Path to the European Union

Language has a central role in the process of creating a national identity.

In forming a transnational European identity, multilingualism is a democratic necessity that guarantees equality amongst all citizens of the European Union.

Decisions by European institutions impact the everyday life of citizens living in the European Union and for such legitimacy it is important that citizens actively participate in the decision making processes without encountering any language barriers.

In accordance with EU policies in terms of language equality, the Croatian language will enjoy the status of being on an equal footing with other EU languages and will be one of the official languages of the Union once Croatia becomes a fully fledged member.

In order to allow an equality of languages for its citizens in accession process towards EU legislation, Croatia in the accession process has the obligation of accepting and implementing in the Croatian language the legal acquirements of the EU.

Therefore, translations must guarantee a standardised interpretation and application of EU law, whereby accurate and non-ambiguous use of terminology is essential for terms stemming from EU Acts covered by the legal acquirements.



Business English for Economic Success

Today’s modern manager in Croatia must have a familiarity of the English language.

The English language is important for establishing communication with all nations, especially when doing business.

The ‘lingua franca’ of today’s transnational business world in Europe is English.



Science and Technology

The English language is a very important communications medium for science and technology.

If you want to market your technological product or service to foreign countries, translations in English are the logical choice.

The transfer of technology, discoveries and other information are assisted by the use of English.