Quality Translations

Quality Translations

stručni prijevodi

Lower translations costs mean great cost-savings for our clients

How do we achieve lower translation costs? This is a question often posed by our clients.

We have defined and published our very competitive translation prices.

We have achieved optimal translation savings on account of:

  • Zero or absolute minimal outsourcing/reselling of translations
  • A minimal use of external contributors
  • Translations at Nitor are carried out according to proprietary capacities.

This allows us to pass on cost-savings to our clients, to their delight.


A presence of poor quality English translations in Croatia

On the translation market in Croatia, there is a large amount of poor quality and unsatisfactory English translations.

High-quality translations demand translators who are educated native speakers in the target language and possessing much experience.

When a translation agency outsources its translations to an external contractor or freelancers, you’re actually making two orders for your translation (your order to the agency and the agency’s additional order to its external contributor or translator, i.e. freelancer). This is simply a re-selling of translations.

A person fulfils the conditions for being a court appointed interpreter if they, besides the general conditions prescribed for acceptance into government service, also fulfil the following special conditions:

The consequences are:

A lack of direct communication between (the person actually doing the translation) the translator and the client, essential for understanding the contextual meaning of some complex documents.

A lack of traceability in accountability for the final version of the translated document.

Transferring responsibility for an erroneous translation onto the contracted translator or freelancer.

A lack of compliance in terminology usage due to the breaking down of a not-so-large document (the original text) into smaller sections.

We offer translation services according to high standards

We engage only translators with experience and those possessing an excellent knowledge of specialised terminology and a familiarity of customer wishes.

For each project we utilize a team of native speakers to the target language in order to ensure translation consistency and coherency.

Each translation project is supervised by a project manager responsible for the outcome of the project.

Whether you require translating a single handwritten page or the creation of a convincing conference presentation in English, our translators are waiting for your call.